Effective: January 1, 2020

Cremation Service Prices

Selection One
Cremation Following Public Viewing and Funeral Service:

Full professional service. Care of the body, availability on 24 hour basis. Removal from place of death (local), viewing prior to service, register book, memorial folders or prayer cards, acknowledgment folders, office work, transportation to crematory and crematory charge, use of Funeral Home and equipment and services of assistants, including use of rental casket for service and cremation container.

Funeral Home Service*
Church Service*
Without use of rental casket, or without casket provided by funeral home, deduct:
Other caskets suitable for viewing from:

Cremation does not preclude family viewing or choice of cremation casket. The following Services (2,3,4) can include a 1/2 hour private family viewing at the funeral home, including care of the body, a flannel covered casket for viewing and cremation, suitable for average height and weight, additional charge - $1,190.00

Selection Two

Direct Cremation with Memorial Service: Staff for memorial service, register book, memorial folders, acknowledgement cards, office work, cremation casket and crematory charge, use of funeral home and equipment and service of assistants, service vans to cemetery. (Includes a plastic utility urn.) - $3,390.00

Service at Funeral Home or Church *¹ (1 hour visitation)
Selection Three

Direct Cremation with Memorial Service (One Funeral Director): As above with limited family requirements for funeral home staff and no cemetery procession. Service other than funeral home (No flower or service car). Funeral Director for all arrangements at memorial site. (Includes a plastic utility urn.) - $2,780.00

Selection Four

Direct Cremation with Graveside Service/Assisted Family Arranged Memorial Service: Service at local cemetery (No registry book or memorial cards). Funeral Director (prior to memorial service) to assist with transfer and arrangements of urn setting, flowers, register book, pictures, etc., at memorial service site. (Includes a plastic utility urn.) - $1,940.00

*Without registry book, acknowledgement cards, memorial folders, deduct: $190.00

¹Includes minimum charge for Cremation Container $85 / Caskets - $465.00 & up

Direct Cremation

Includes removal, office work, placing obituary, transportation expense, plastic utility urn, cremation container and crematory charge Family to Compose Obituary. (Must be paid at or prior to time of need). $1090.00

Additional charges for the following services:
  • Any cemetery burial charges (Ranging from $450 to $1,970 locally).
  • Honorarium for clergy ($150-$175 typically).
  • Certified copies of the death certificate: $20.00 each.
  • Family car or a limousine (at cost).
  • Evening viewing add $150.00 to above prices.
  • Flowers
  • Newspapers at cost
  • Coroner fee if applicable ($25.00 - $50.00)